Gap of Dunloe Lake Tour-Reverse

This tour offers tourists the option of enjoying the Gap of Dunloe and Lakes Tour the
“reverse way” which means transport from our office on 22 Main Street,Killarney at 10am to
Ross Castle where the boats depart in front of the Castle at 10.30am.
Enjoy the magnificent boat trip with the wonderful commentaries from our local and world
renowned boatmen through the enchanting Upper, Middle and Lower Lakes of Killarney
from the historic Ross Castle.The final part of the boat trip cruises through the Gearhameen
River to Lord Brandon’s Cottage
Arriving at Lord Brandon’s Cottage where lunch may be enjoyed (payable directly) at 12
noon approx..After a leisurely lunch there is a choice of going through the spectacular Gap
of Dunloe either hiking or taking the traditional horse and carriages to Kate Kearneys Cottage
(payable directly E 25 pp based on 4 pax per carriage) for 7 miles/11 kms.
If however one wishes to hire the Carriages for one-two to three persons then the charge will
be E 100 per carriage.Please note that there maybe a walk involved as part of this Pony and
Carriage ride through the Gap of Dunloe.
Within the Gap of Dunloe there are five lakes: Coosaun Lough, Black Lake, Cushnavally
Lake, Auger Lake, and Black Lough (north to south). These lakes are connected by the River
Loe. Between the first two lakes is an old arch bridge called the ‘Wishing Bridge’ so named
because it is said that wishes made while upon it are destined to come true.
Arriving at Kate Kearneys which is a world renowned Irish PUB and Restaurant it is time for
afternoon tea or a pint of Guinness !.
Transport to Killarney will be arranged at 4.15pm for the 20 to 30 minutes journey to
Killarney Town Centre.
No liability is accepted by Deros Tours in relation to the Pony and Carriage and its Owners
This tour is an ideal choice for nature lovers with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Map of the tour.